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JustRank’s SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Let’s face facts: it’s not easy to rank websites on Google.

After all, there are close to two billion websites on the web currently. So, ranking on the first page of Google is essential to ensuring the visibility of your business.

And it’s common sense that unless you’re on the first page of Google, you might as well not be on the web at all.

But, just appearing on the SERPs is not enough.

You have to ensure that your SERP appearance itself is well optimized. And that’s where SERP Preview Tools come in.

SERP Snippet Preview Tools are handy SEO tools that allow you to streamline your SERP appearance so you can create intriguing snippet.

However, the real trouble lies elsewhere.

Currently, there are multiple SERP Preview Tools available online, most of them for free.

But not all of them are suitable for everyone, the same goes for SEO where it might not suitable for every business. While some optimize the meta title better, others lay more emphasis on the description.

So, the real question is: which one do you go with?

As always, I’m here to help you answer that question.

Here, I’m going to give you the complete lowdown on the Justrank SERP Snippet Preview Tool.

Let’s get going.

What is a SERP Snippet Preview Tool?

Put simply, it’s a tool that allows you to see how your webpage results will appear on the SERPs before the page is actually indexed.

This lets you gain an understanding of how your SERP appearances will look.

It also helps to optimize your content and make the search results more appealing to searchers.

Why The Need of a SERP Snippet Preview Tool

There’s a simple reason why you need to use a SERP Snippet Preview Tool for optimizing your websites or just to have an intriguing snippet to increase CTR with a better title.

Most search engines have a limit on the length of the meta title and description that’s displayed on the search.

In case you’re not optimizing your website meta; accordingly, your SERP appearances will miss displaying the required search terms.

Now, believe me when I say this: most searchers don’t read SERP results in detail.

They usually skim through the results, and when a title or meta catches their attention, they click on that link.

Also, the appropriate title and meta length are thought to affect search rankings as well.

That’s why, in order to improve your search rankings and click-through-rates, it’s essential to use a SERP Snippet Preview Tool to see how your website would appear in search results.

How Does Our Google Serp Snippet Works

The Justrank Google Snippet Preview tool is wonderful in this respect.

Using it is a cinch, and you get complete previews of how your website will look on the desktop and mobile view of Google SERPs in a glance.

Just enter your Meta title and description, add the URL of your website, and voila!

You get an instant Google SERP Preview.

The tool is as simple and easy to use like that.

Also, it has options for both mobile as well as desktop previews, so you’ll know how your site will appear on all device types.

Desktop and mobile view for serp snippet preview tool

What’s more, the tool measures meta title and descriptions in words as well as pixels, mimicking the search engines.

This enables you to understand how to structure your meta title and descriptions for effectively attracting clicks exactly.

Essential Features Of The Tool

  • Meta title measurement in pixels as well as characters
  • Meta description measurement in pixels as well as characters
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Desktop and Mobile preview
  • Easy to use
  • Completely online operation
  • Friendly reminder on what work best in Mobile & Desktop

How To Use The SERP Snippet Generator

Frankly, it’s the highly intuitive interface of the tool that make it usable.

The tool has a simple, bare-bones interface similar to the Google home page.

There are clearly demarcated text fields for meta title and description, along with real-time pixel and character count.

Character limit and friendly warning

All you need to do to use it is enter the meta information, add a target URL, and you’re ready to go.

The preview window shows you exactly how your webpage would appear on the SERPs.

Using the easy options, you can quickly toggle between mobile and desktop views.

This way, you can ascertain the exact length of your meta and URL for any device size.


I started this discussion by facing facts, so I feel it’s only apt that I end with the same.

Search has changed the way we view the world. Today, every little decision we make in life is driven by search results and research.

Naturally, for any business, getting to the top of the SERPs is imperative.

But just getting there isn’t enough: your SERP appearance must be striking enough to attract the clicks.

Thankfully, you have options such as the Justrank SERP Snippet Preview Tool to make life easier for you.

Using it, your business can get SERP links that are not only clickable but sticky as well.

Don’t forget to check out these free Google tools that can boost up your SEO effortlessly.

But that’s enough from me for the day. I’ll leave you to play around with the tool.

Do let me know how you liked it and how we can further improve it from JustRank!