A small team with big ideas.

Our Role & Responsibility

We’ll shoulder the responsibility.

Your website is the digital front entrance of your business. You don’t want it to remain undiscovered despite its great content, correct? So how do you achieve your objective?

You hire a knowledgeable SEO Company.

JustRank knows how to make your website a solid ranker in search engine results. We’ll drive greater traffic to the site.

It all started with a solid SEO foundation.

Our aim will be to earn your first-page ranking for your product or service. Once you reach that position at the top, we will work even harder to ensure you retain it.

That’s who we are and how we work.

Now, find out who’s the core member from JustRank!

SEO Specialist


SEO Specialist

A strategic planner where he holds the key to your campaign success. Our SEO specialist will overlook the campaign and making sure every detail is in place.



Key Account Manager

Our key account manager will be the bridge between our business partner & JustRank. She will constantly monitor and keep everything on track.



Outreach Ambassador

Our outreach ambassador will help to identify any potential and relevant business websites that will be your game changer. Authoritative is the key to success.




Localization is the key to understand and grasp today’s sophisticated audience. Our writer posses the skill of bringing words to life.

Why & How

Should Website owner be their own SEO specialist?

JustRank was founded on the belief that website owners and SEO agencies are not the best fit for each other.

Website owners or client has little to no knowledge about SEO and as an SEO company, we do not have the time to handle all their queries and requests along the way.

This is why we came up with a solution to bridge the gap between the two.

JustRank provides web owners with top-notch search engine optimization services with us educating clients on why and how we do what we did for them as well.

We have a systematic approach in everything we do from start to finish, and it has proven effective.

We are confident that in 1-2 years’ time, our client will be their own SEO specialist and will be able to handle and take care of their website.

Where is JustRank heading then?

We aim to embed these skills on our clients as they are getting our SEO service.

We will be their SEO mentor and they will be our students, and vise versa.

The client becomes our business strategy partner and it is a very tedious process along the path.

We have been able to understand this concept and as such, we make sure that we make it easy for all of our clients to get what they want, without the usual hassle.

Transparency is the key for both parties to work on their best interest

– JustRank

Nothing beats continuous hands-on while getting the results. Our clients are getting lifelong skills in return.

We are not your average SEO guy.

We do not have a bundle of clients’ profiles as we decided to take in, we take it all.

Interested to find out more about us?