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  • SEO for your business?
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Even today, when digital is everywhere, businesses tend to categorize themselves as “tech” or “non-tech”.

A packaging company, which is in the core manufacturing sector, may be non-tech per se. A management company that provides cyber-security consulting services may fall firmly in the tech domain.

However, search engine optimization is important for each of them. An organization that has any online assets must have a good and trusted SEO company.

In fact, consider that the first company has a great SEO strategy. This could give it a real edge over its competitors who might not be paying this importance to SEO.

With a consistent, well-thought-out SEO strategy and services, you can improve your website’s rankings. You can monitor online traffic, direct implication on leads, and sales as well as brand visibility.

Businesses in certain industry sectors do have a greater and more pressing need for SEO. The nature of the business, the customer mindset, and the competition are key elements.

Below are a few industries and example for better understanding.

Ecommerce and Trading

For obvious reasons, online businesses have to be on top of their SEO game. They have no physical assets to show off. Drawing their potential customers to their store is the only way they can remain ahead of the competition. 

Healthcare / Medical Industries

People are making more conscious decisions while choosing their healthcare providers (individual or establishment). In such a scenario, great SEO can make all the difference to the company’s online reputation. Aesthetic, supplements, or beauty are just a few to be mention.

Real Estate / Property

While scouting properties to buy or rent, people are increasingly relying upon online real estate sites to fulfilling their needs. Aggregators or standalone companies; all of them in this space can deeply benefit from SEO. 

Food & Beverages

The very fact that this is such a cut-throat industry necessitates a food business to cut through the clutter. Only a consistent, innovative SEO strategy devised by a knowledgeable partner can allow them to do so.

Professional Service Providers

Accounting firms, law offices, financial planners, or IT/ management consulting firms, cleaning, or HVAC services can all benefit from good SEO.

For them, their website is the primary means of leads for a business. SEO also enables them to establish themselves as thought leaders in their space.

Good SEO for Great Business

They’re far greater than you’d think.

The innate virtues of your product or service offering may be your hallmark. But unless your customer can easily access you online, you’d be doing yourself a great disservice.

With local SEO gaining importance and relevancy, it could be the game-changer for your local business.

Here’s our detailed local SEO overview in Malaysia.

A long-term SEO plan put in place can go a long way in ensuring superior discover-ability. SEO can bring in tangible, real-time enhancements to your business.

Have a look at how:

  1. SEO enables a comfortable user experience

Your website may be aesthetically designed and really attractive. But without a good SEO strategy, it could give website users a hard time. The better the SEO, the more the attention to navigation, structure, content, platform-friendliness, and so on.

If users see valuable, relevant information, pictures, and videos that are easy to navigate, they remain engaged. It generally results in higher click-through rates, brand recall, and ultimately better conversions.

  1. SEO impacts inbound leads & conversions

Depending on the kind of business, SEO tremendously boosts the chances of good leads. A prospect that browses your site and enjoys the user experience could simply make a direct query.

The chances of conversion from an inbound lead are practically fifteen times higher than through outbound sales. Just think of the potential contribution a good SEO plan can make to your long-term sales pipeline.

  1. SEO enables marketing cost-efficiency

If your website is well-optimized and your traffic is consistent, customers are already getting to know you. This means you’d need to allocate lesser spend to your paid campaigns or advertising channels.

The only aspect you’ll need to focus upon will be a consistent top spot in rankings. That way, your customers will continue reaching you. They’ll also evangelize your brand and contribute to your visibility.

For small local businesses, the local organic search might be the most cost effective marketing effort for them.

If you can do it on your own using our SEO checklist, this could actually gain the most for the business owner in their best interest without spending a fortune.

  1. SEO encourages offline engagement too

This is especially true for B2C companies. Consider a wedding boutique that has a well-structured SEO plan. Potential customers who have browsed its offerings online are highly likely to visit them in person.

Since they’ve already had a look at its products, they’re halfway through in the sales cycle. Obtaining a conversion from such a lead, therefore, becomes much easier than from a walk-in.

  1. SEO influences brand credibility

Who remembers the athletes other than those with gold, silver, and bronze medals? Similarly, in online rankings, only the top sites are able to capture the audience’s attention. Great SEO ensures that your brand is recognised as a leader in its sphere.

It keeps potential customers and even prospective talent engaged. It positively impacts your social media presence too. All in all, it yields an all-round wholesome effect on your marketing strategy.

SEO is not about bragging, but it works effectively and seamlessly in the background.

– JustRank

Why SEO is Important for Business

Online search is becoming one of, if not the, most effective means of bringing people to your website.

Since the dawn of the internet, there have been both winners and losers in terms of how to market online.

The old idea of keyword stuffing your webpages, designing confusing navigation menus, and spamming people with unsolicited messages was quickly replaced by a new-world approach that leverages search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

SEO is not just a solid game plan for small businesses looking to get ahead; these days it’s practically a necessity.

SEO is definitely not a guessing game.

With more people than ever going online to find businesses like yours, your ability to take advantage of SEO is now a determining factor in your ultimate success.

The key to understanding this is knowing why SEO techniques work and how they fit into the picture of today’s online world.

Let’s take a look at some of the very best reasons why SEO is so important to a business.

  1. Organic Search is more likely to convert than ads because of ads-blindness.
  1. When people find you organically, they are more likely to stay since they feel no pressure to buy.
  1. It’s cheaper: SEO gives you exactly what you need at a much cheaper rate than PPC.
  1. SEO builds credibility and trust.
  1. Local SEO meant more relevancy.
  1. SEO lowers your business cost per acquisition in the long term.
  1. It brings in more opportunities and expands your audience.

The above are just some of the reasons why integrating SEO into your business strategy can be a winning decision.

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