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SEO Company in Malaysia

We don’t do it all, we focus on what we do the best.

On Page Optimization

Search engines need to understand your website in order to rank well. This is where our expertise helps to make everything works with clarity.

Off Page Optimization

Backlinks are votes for your website. We focus on getting quality and relevant votes instead of building any links to your website. We go deeper than that.

Keyword Research

This is the foundation to the success of your website. JustRank emphasize on the importance of keyword research based on clients’ need.

Technical SEO

Search engines work by crawling, indexing, and ranking. The only thing we do is make sure your website architecture speaks ‘the bot’s’ language.

What is Your Website SEO Score?

Get a technical SEO Audit report on your website for FREE. See how they score and what can be improved.

JustRank is not a digital marketing agency. We cannot help you with website design, Google, or Facebook ads. We only do one thing and are damn good at it. We are an SEO company.

– JustRank

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